ezTalks Webinar: How to Host a Paid Webinar


Definition of a webinar is simple terms

A webinar is some form of a video conference that uses the Internet to connect to the person hosing it to viewers from different parts of the world. A webinar also can have multiple hosts as is usually the case of collaboration or interviews over the Internet. A webinar is quite different from a simple video broadcast because in a webinar, there is usually interaction between the host and the participants via live text chat.


The two types of webinars free and paid webinars

There are usually two versions of webinars which are free and paid. What’s the difference between a free and paid webinar?

    • Free webinars: these are usually intended to create awareness, gain trust from the audience and also to generate leads. They can also be used to sell products or services to prospective customers or clients.
  • Paid webinars: paid webinars are those that attendees pay in order to participate. They may not specifically be for sales but may be used to teach a certain valuable skill or even give certain detailed information that are not otherwise gotten from free webinars.

How can you then host a paid webinar?

With the information that you have gotten above it is now clear that you can make money from hosting a webinar. Here below are some general steps on how you can host a paid webinar:

Part 1: the preparation

Choose your topic: always choose a topic that is already in high demand and one that will be discussed in at least one hour. For more insight and inspiration, you can have a look at your blogs and check on the keywords that the readers rely on to find your blog.

Part 2: the promotion of the blog

You will want to promote your webinar before you actually spread word about hosting it.  You can do this by creating a landing page and also a sales page that has information directing your expected participants to your desired location. You can also include information about your webinar’s topic, what you attendees can expect from it, the time & date, the speakers and also the registration form.

Part 3: hosting the webinar of the d-day

Just ensure that everything is all set-up and running on your appointed date and time. Ensure that you are streaming live on your said date better do this at least 10 minutes early to enable you to welcome and log in participants to the webinar.

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