Woocommerce versus Virtue mart comparison


Woocommerce is a feature that can connect to the WordPress. WordPress is the platform that gives a better way to design responsive and adjustable websites. Basically, woocommerce helps in developing e-commerce websites. Such websites are useful for selling digital as well physical products online.

Virtuemart is related to joomla, which performs as an open source Content Management system (CMS). If you want to install a virtue mart on your system then, you will have to first set the path for joomla in your system. Joomla virtuemart developers play important roles in designing, coding and in content writing of websites with full accuracy and consistency.

Features of Woocommerce and Virtuemart for comparison

Payment gateways are available: Virtue mart payment gateways are little bit complex. In Woocommerce, you can take the advantage of 100+ payment gateways to make payment solutions easier. With the help of woocommerce stripes, you can take the advantages of short time online payment method. Plugin of stripes in woocommerce helps in accepting the payment that is coming directly in the stores from web.

Products for sale: In the past, there was no limit to sell any product in virtue mart as well as in woocommerce. After the introduction of latest version of virtue mart, it is found that virtue mart has got some advancement in its features like it will not support in selling the downloadable products. On other hand in woocommerce, there is no need of limit for selling products. Some taxes are required only for physical products.

Creating design: WordPress woo commerce developers can easily make mobile friendly websites with full fledge features. E-mail marketing of all the websites developed in woocommerce can be done easily. Virtuemart is suitable for beginners for designing as it uses Joomla templates. Installation of virtue mart websites is quite simple and it is compatible for SEO with proper Meta tags.

User friendliness – woocommerce is a plugin that is user-friendly and even a newbie can master its backend process in no time. The virtuemart due to its complex process is not easy to design as well as use. Designing the Virtuemart plugin requires knowing the CSS and HTML skills. It is due to this reason that it is still behind Woocommerce.

Themes – Woocomerce offers a wide range of themes that are available for free as well as in paid versions. There are so special skills required to change the front look of the site. Now, the virtuemart offers limited themes, of which most of them are paid.

Mobile compatibility – virtuemart’s most lacking feature is lack of mobile friendliness. So, the websites designed using it face trouble in smoothly loading on the mobile phones. On the contrary, the Woocommerce offers flexible product management and offers great SEO tools which make it easier for the sites to get listed on the search engines. In addition, the plugin is also mobile friendly.

Better coverage – Woocommerce can easily be used for different website categories like shopping, business, entertainment and art etc. unfortunately, Virtuemart is not preferred over Woocommerce in most of the cases.

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